IE9: The brand campaign I am loving to hate

I came across this video yesterday: It’s ironic to use a hipster-looking, obviously designer/Mac lover inspired stereotype that for some reason works on a PC in his dorm, (seriously, does he have to be sporting plaid, a beard, geek-chic glasses, AND high-laced shoes?) but irony aside, the ad is funny in its very relate-able premise. … Continue reading

Project Re:Brief and it’s potential to blow your mind.

Browsing the internet today, I came across Google’s Project Re:Brief, an endeavor started this year to take some the world’s most successful and iconic ad campaigns and re-contextualize them for digital technology as a commemoration of the 18th anniversary of the internet (they never fully explain what makes 18 yrs special enough to “commemorate” it, … Continue reading

Skinny mutants are SEXAH

Coming into work this morning, I was once again faced with the annoying problem of having absolutely no work to do. In cases like this, I enjoy digging into my arsenal of time-wasting websites with a particular favorite being If you have never visited this site, it’s a must for both designers/production artists and … Continue reading

Trendsetter Critique: Banners

When does something become a design trend? It’s hard to say, for me it’s always been more of a gut feeling saying “Holy Effin’ God, this shit is everywhere!” Trends can be as specific as the overuse of a typeface (I’m looking at you Gotham!) to the use of a certain look, style, or element. … Continue reading