Lessons from stock photography: The office

For my whole life, I always thought work was something like the image below:














You sit there, usually at a computer, and just work. Sure you’ll probably chat with the co-workers around you, you’ll step out for lunch and a fresh breeze – but for the most part, you’ll spend the day at your desk just working. Predictable kinda stuff.

I guess however, stock photographers see the office as a very different space, with MUCH different people walking around it.



businessman tied up












It seems that stock photographers believe that at some point in your day, there is definitely a possibility of being tied up with some loose rope (without you being completely unaware of course).



frustrated girl at computer












In this office, people express with their hands and not with their face. Also, you can get gum in your hair by just sitting at a computer.



Crazy man
















Stock photographers believe that the criminally insane will make great additions to any office staff.



Post-it guy












Can’t tell if this is the result of office shenanigans or just a really inept employee.



Stock rising














According to stock photographers, this is the customary response to ‘a good day at the office’.



Red tape
















Red tape ALWAYS takes on a literal context…either that or bondage is condoned as a professional practice.



Man drowning
















Yes, we DO need to illustrate the dangers of drowning in an office!



Happy businessman














The office is a great way to reunite with your douchebag frat brothers from college!



Boss green screen












One of the perks to being a boss is the chance to work in front of a green screen – Now you can work ANYWHERE!



Computer woman












When having computer issues, it is appropriate to take it apart and use it as a phone…



Computer monster

















…Or take it apart and pretend that you’re the computer monster.
















If there’s one thing stock photographers and I agree on, it’s that the office is a strictly professional environment.



Scared man













Thanks freaked out office dood, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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