My recent problem w/ Kindle

I recently acquired a Kindle via my sister, the result of hearing her recount a sad dark tale of buying a Nook only to receive a Kindle for Christmas. I offered to buy the device with my $50 gift card and $25 cash to save her from the unfortunate situation of present redundancy.

Well last week, the Kindle arrived in the mail (I can’t say the same about my sister’s $50 gift card which I neglectfully did NOT send) and in a mildly excited mood, I bought a book from amazon. Through the next week I began to love the Kindle; it was sleek, easy to read, easy to navigate, and just gave me that secure feeling of elitism that everyone with expensive electronics discovers.

Feeling the need to expand my virtual library, I have been absorbed in Amazon’s Kindle ebook list, and gathering titles I’d like to own. Today, I finally tried to buy an ebook only to discover a consistent error message upon the repeated initiation of the transaction:

Really? My account doesn't register an 18-digit serial code I painstakingly typed in twice?













Upon further inspection of amazon’s notification, I saw a list of the ebook’s approved devices.


Hmmm, I seem to be missing the option: KINDLE FOR EFFIN’ KINDLE.


I eventually discover that the ebook comes with WicKed aWSomE gRaPHIcs! and was only available to devices that are capable of displaying such wicked awesomeness

…which apparently didn’t include the Kindle.


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